Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord that He brought Peter and Janet to rent our house. Pray that they will be settled there and feel that it is home.
  • Please pray for our children, Niall and Sorche, as they settle into school and dorm life. Pray for good friends for both of them and that they will be able to handle the adjustment to a new school routine.
  • We are so thankful for the many people who have pledged to support us financially. Please continue to pray for this area, for our understanding of the new things we are encountering and that God will provide for us in all areas.

View of our village, Holzen

View of our village, Holzen
Our dorm is the white building to the left of the church

Lynn and Sorche in Colmar, France

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Battle Continues

The closer we get to the month of August, the tougher the battle seems to be getting. As we have increased our network of prayer partners and asked them to rally around the cause of getting us to Germany, the personal attacks on all of us seem to be increasing daily. There were numerous times last week when things happened that left us puzzled and perplexed, but then an email would come from someone offering words of encouragement and reassurances that they were praying. We were able to finally mail out letters asking for support and have already been blessed by the positive responses we have received, especially those from unexpected quarters. We were even surprised by how quickly Canada Post delivered those letters.
The house has not sold but there are so many people praying that we are experiencing God's peace as we wait for His perfect timing, as well as the best buyer for this place.
Today we were privileged to pray with The Venerable Charlie Masters and his wife Judy here in our home. Judy is the daughter of Adolph Janz, one of the original Janz Team members. She grew up in Germany from the age of 5 and was educated along with her cousins in the very beginnings of BFA. We were so blessed by their willingness to come and pray with us about serving with Janz Team at BFA.
Jim and the kids have taken another load tonight up to the warehouse where we are storing our stuff. Little by little the house is being emptied (only to uncover more dust and interesting bits!) The excitement is mounting as we anticipate what God will do this week as we wait on Him.
On another note, Jim and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. Wow! Can't think of a more exciting way to mark this auspicious occasion than to be selling and packing up our household and moving to Germany in a very short period of time! For our 30th I think I'll settle for a quiet vacation somewhere or maybe just dinner out.

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Tanis said...

Jim, Lynn & Family,
We are standing with you in prayer we know what it is like to get rid of most of our belongings, pack up everything, leaving all family and friends behind because HE said so:) This week as I (Tanis) have had some time to be praying for you I was thinking about your home and how blessed I was everytime I drove by because it is such a light and testimony for Jesus in the midst of a community that is more the most part doesn't feel they need or want Jesus because Oakvillians (not all but many) already have it all. Your home served as a beacon of light in a sea of surrounding spiritual darkness. I wonder if you are or if you have to give that up just yet, I am sure you have thought of al the possible scenerios but in my spirit the question keeps coming - "do you have to sell the house to go"??? Anyhow still praying, still believing He will give you real wisdom and direction and His peace. We are so excited for you all! I'll likely be in Switzerland in the early spring or late winter - my friends like about an hour from Zurich Germany - so who knows maybe I can link up with you folks seeing as I didn't gt through Oakville my last trip to Ontario!
Love and Blessings,
Malcolm, Tanis, Vivian, Josiah & Caleb xoxoxo