Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord that He brought Peter and Janet to rent our house. Pray that they will be settled there and feel that it is home.
  • Please pray for our children, Niall and Sorche, as they settle into school and dorm life. Pray for good friends for both of them and that they will be able to handle the adjustment to a new school routine.
  • We are so thankful for the many people who have pledged to support us financially. Please continue to pray for this area, for our understanding of the new things we are encountering and that God will provide for us in all areas.

View of our village, Holzen

View of our village, Holzen
Our dorm is the white building to the left of the church

Lynn and Sorche in Colmar, France

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Break, finally!

The early morning airport runs are over for another term, the dorm is down to 6 of us, the "boredom" is settling in and we have two weeks to recover, rest and get ready for the last 7 weeks of the school year. In some ways, it seems like this has been our life forever, in other ways, we are discovering new things about ourselves and this job every day. Once the break is over, the rest of the term will fly by, we are told.
Being dorm parents to 20 teenage girls has opened our eyes to a whole new world. It has been a challenge on many levels, but we have met so many interesting and special people here. As our ResLife supervisor says, "God has worked hard to arrange all of these specific people being here at this particular time and has placed His best here to help us grow and learn more about Him and ourselves." So we continue to learn from those around us.
Niall and Sorche have done well with their academics and have many new friends and connections both at school and in the neighbourhood. Jim has completed his Cycle B paintings and been inspired by a number of art galleries in Basel to bring his total of paintings up over 60 so far this year. (And he thought he was having a sabattical from art!) We have learned to love the girls in our dorm and appreciate them as God's special creations. I wish we could introduce them to you all! They are fascinating individuals. The countryside is beautiful too and we are planning to travel to Lake Constance in our second week of March break to meet up with our friends, the Nettleton's from Manchester, at their friend's lakeside apartment. A nice chance for a drive and a change in scenery.
So, life is good in the Black Forest and we are looking forward to our "big boys" coming for a visit in April. In the meantime. HOORAY for March break!